In the menu below you will find a collection of works organized across five galleries:  Solitude, Figurative, Still Life, Abstracts and Works on Paper.  The Solitude gallery is a body of representational works that borrow ideas from impressionism and abstraction to show the human figure in moments of quiet reflection, contemplation, repose or occupation.  In the Figurative gallery you will find a mix of both people and animals as subjects while the Still Life and Abstract galleries are for those occasions when inspiration was found in other things.  The Works on Paper consist mostly of academic drawings created in graphite and charcoal.

Nicole paints in both oils and acrylics tending mostly towards the latter as they indulge the tempo and approach that has become characteristic of her more recent work.  Her “bold almost riotous colour”, as described by a collector, is at the same time “subtle and layered” creating variegated textures that lend depth and interest to the painting’s surface.  Relying solely on paint as a medium, a variety of techniques are employed to scrape or sand back layers to reveal spontaneous passages of colour while creating textures distinctly different from that of her brushwork or marks made with palette knives.  Whether visible or tactile, Nicole’s use of texture offers insight into the emotional energy of her often solitary and introspective subjects.  


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